Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between cold soap and ordinary soap?

The difference is that the cold soap contains natural glycerin!

Glycerin is colorless and odorless. It is a by-product produced naturally in the process of making soap. The biggest function of glycerin is to moisturize the skin and enhance the moisture content of the skin. It is also an important moisturizing ingredient in skin care products and cosmetics. In general, soap factories use high-temperature soap to separate glycerin, sell glycerin as a commodity, or use glycerin and the remaining soap to add chemical additives such as artificial flavors and preservatives. High price for sale.
Ordinary soaps are prone to excessive cleansing and lack of moisturizing effect due to lack of glycerin. However, cold soaps rich in natural glycerin can moisturize and moisturize the skin while cleansing, and the skin is fresh and not sticky. The touch is smooth and not tight and dry, allowing the skin to achieve the best skin balance.

Why is cold soap more expensive than traditional soap?

Because natural cold soap is very different from ordinary soap making process and raw materials!

Ordinary soaps that are generally produced in large quantities usually use ready-made, stable and inexpensive chemical materials. When some soaps are said to use organic raw materials, the proportion of organic raw materials is almost negligible, and even the outer packaging labels are simply labeled, which also shows that Goods have a higher chemical composition.
Ada’s Soap cold soap is strictly controlled from raw materials, choose high-quality natural raw materials, professional research and development formula, the whole process of production below 42 ° C, wait for 45 days after one by one inspection, carefully packaged, carefully care for each piece of soap, hoping to borrow Professional research and development and conscience manufacturing are passed on to each user, so that users can also add full of happiness energy in the daily bathing time.

Why is the smell of cold soap less than that of normal soap?

Because we don't add any chemical flavors or synthetic flavors!

Our handmade soap fragrance comes from natural plant essential oils. For a long time, most people use cleaning products containing chemical flavors. Chemical fragrances can emit strong fragrance, which can lead to olfactory passivation, making it difficult to identify natural odors. Moreover, chemically synthesized flavors and fragrances are also a major cause of "allergies". factor.
After removing the outer packaging of the cold soap, the fragrance of the delicate plant essential oil will follow, and you will find that this is the most natural fragrance, natural and original. Unlike the fragrance of perfume stores, plant essential oils are like the floral fragrance of nature, which is completely different from chemical fragrances.
Ada’s Soap The cold soap is based on the use of high-quality vegetable oils, and uses plant essential oils as a source of aroma for cold soaps. We select the best producing areas from all over the world, such as Bulgaria, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, France, Oman, Italy, Spain and Brazil. We use the essential oils extracted from qualified factories and use their essential oils to exert their natural antiseptic and sterilization. , antibacterial, mold removal function. Every day, through bathing, let the natural gas from nature meet your physical and mental inspiration.

Is there a direct correlation between using cold soap and environmental protection?

Natural soap breaks down into water and carbon dioxide within 24 hours of contact with water.

At present, most people still use shower gel or shampoo containing synthetic surfactant (SLS, SLES). When the wastewater of these synthetic detergents flows into rivers and oceans, it will pollute the environment and not only cause aquatic organisms. Variants or hermaphrodites will also reduce biological reproduction, and the ecology will lose balance. Finally, as the food chain enters the human body and accumulates in human body fat, it interferes with the hormones in the body. Therefore, synthetic detergents are now the largest in the past half century. One of the ecological killers is actually not an exaggeration.
Because of the ignorance of the concept of cleaning, most people do not know that these synthetic detergents will damage the sebum membrane on the skin, and invading the human body may cause skin or liver and kidney disease. Naturally cold soap does not increase the burden on the natural environment or pose a threat to the ecology. We believe that its greatest mission is to return to the earth's most primitive appearance.

Why does soap foam feel stinging when it hits your eyes?

When washing your face, please try to avoid direct contact with natural soap.

Natural soaps are weakly alkaline and can cause a little tingling when the soap bubbles are in direct contact with the eyes. In general, synthetic detergents are designed according to the needs of consumers, adding various chemical ingredients, such as: moisturizer, foam stabilizer, foaming agent "baby don't cry formula", etc. Although the eyes do not feel irritating, at the same time the skin also bears the risk of synthetic detergents!
Ada’s Soap Cold soap adheres to the natural principle and does not add relevant chemical ingredients. Therefore, when the soap foam accidentally ran into the eyes, although it will feel a little tingling, please rest assured that the eyeball has the function of secreting tears by itself. The tingling sensation caused by the entry of foreign matter, the tears can quickly wash the soap and slow down the irritation. However, we will still advise you to avoid direct contact with the soap when washing your face to avoid short-term discomfort.


Why is it better to bathe with natural soap than to bathe with shower gel?

When you know the ingredients of the shower gel, you will be shocked!

The composition of the shower gel contains a chemical anionic surfactant and a nonionic active agent with strong detergency. In addition, the shower gel is also added with a combination of a thickener, a pearlizer, a moisturizer, an artificial flavor, an artificial color, a bactericide, a preservative, and the like.
Most people ignore the fact that these synthetic detergents tend to remain on the skin. When the body is exposed to chemical additives for a long time, it may cause skin or liver and kidney damage. The cold soap made from "vegetable oil" + "alkali" is very simple and does not contain any harmful chemical components. It is natural and safe. After the washed water flows into the river, it may be completely biodegraded within 24 hours. It is also a green product that cares for the environment.
Which kind of bath cleaning products are needed for your skin, I believe you can make the best choice.

Can cold soap wash your face?

Cold soap is very moisturizing and does not harm the skin. It is suitable for whole body use, including face and scalp hair.

A good quality cold handmade soap has reached the level of facial soap, so the whole body skin can be washed. Simply put, because every skin on our body is afraid of the residual damage of chemical substances, it needs natural ingredients and rich glycerin to moisturize.
At present, there is no natural bathing product on the market that can clean and moisturize better than cold handmade soap.

Is the cold soap suitable for "washing hair" or "remove makeup"?

Of course, natural cold soap is the most natural and effective cleaning formula.

Because cold soap is rich in natural glycerin, it can easily remove oil-soluble and water-soluble dirt, and it can remove heavy oil, which is also a major feature of soap. If you are willing to change and try to wash your hair directly with soap, you will find that it can thoroughly cleanse the scalp and, most importantly, reduce the blockage of the scalp pores caused by chemical components.
In addition, chemical synthetic shampoos are prone to dandruff problems, but instead cause diligent shampooing, but the more they wash, the worse, the scalp is easy to become inflamed, and the hair is easily lost. When you start to wash your hair with cold soap, you will find that after washing, it is not as easy to produce oil as it used to be, or the scalp is itchy and the roots are flat. In addition, glycerin has a good moisturizing and water-locking effect, and is very gentle on the skin.
Therefore, in addition to washing the body and washing the hair, it is suitable for removing the cosmetic on the face. Please use it with ease.

Why is it very clean after washing with soap, but the hair is easy to tangled?

You may feel that when you wash your hair with soap, you will feel dry when you wash it.

That's because soap can naturally clean the scalp dirt, it is also a super savior of oily and soft hair. After shampooing with cold soap, you will find that the hair roots are naturally fluffy, the scalp is refreshing and comfortable, and the scalp no longer has oily or flat hair. Also, because soap can thoroughly wash the characteristics of excess oil, it will feel a little dry after washing. Therefore, it is recommended that long-haired people can use hair care related products at the end of the hair after flushing, which can reduce the tangled hair. In addition, after using shampoo for one month, or after the scalp is gradually adapted, use chemical hair care or moisturizing to reduce the amount slowly. When the pores of the scalp begin to breathe, the hair loss is reduced, and the hair is gradually restored. The original elasticity maintains the health of the scalp.

What is the difference between facial soap and bath soap?

The difference between facial soap and bath soap is the vegetable oil used in the raw materials.

Although each of our cold soap series has reached the level of facial soap, but because the facial skin is different from the body, the clothing is less sheltered, exposed to the outside for a long time, therefore, it needs a high degree of moisture.
We choose vegetable oil with higher penetration and finer molecules as the main raw material for facial soap. For example, avocado oil containing a large amount of lecithin can replenish skin elasticity, prevent evening primrose oil produced by wrinkles, borage oil helps skin regenerate, macadamia nut oil can help skin sunscreen...etc. Combined with the essential oil formula formulated for various needs, the combination of vegetable oil and essential oil will produce complementary effects.
You can also feel that after washing your face with cold facial soap, your skin is refreshed and moisturized.


What changes in skin will occur after using natural soap for a long time?

Help your skin retain moisture and let your skin pores begin to breathe!

Our skin is like the body's first guardrail. When the skin protects us from the environment, it also degrades the health of the skin itself.
There is an absolute relationship between skin health and moisturization. Ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and over-processed foods can overload our skin, causing dryness and delaying repair. We need natural cold soap to help balance the skin and provide a breathable barrier.
Animal oil and lard (the main ingredient of ordinary soap) can block the skin's breathing. In contrast, cold soap made from good quality vegetable oil and other oils that are extremely beneficial to the skin can maintain skin oil and water balance while absorbing fresh external Moisture, which in turn keeps your skin healthy and optimal.

Which kind of skin, most need natural cold soap?

As long as you don't want to be harmed by chemicals or have environmental protection concepts, they are suitable for cold soap.

Naturally cold soap is suitable for all skin types. Of course, cold soap is also a savior of sensitive skin, because the use of cold soap made from natural ingredients, long-term use can achieve the dual effect of clean and maintenance. The shower gel and shampoo made with synthetic surfactant can only achieve the general cleaning effect. This type of cleaning product can not be decomposed by itself after flowing into rivers or oceans. The long-term use causes serious pollution of aquatic organisms. Therefore, synthetic cleaning products are also The largest environmental ecological killer in this half century.
On the contrary, the manufacture of natural soap does not require the use of chemical synthesis components, and will decompose into water and carbon dioxide 24 hours after flowing into rivers or oceans, and will not cause harm or threat to the natural ecology.
We still want to remind you that a small number of sensitive skin types may be allergic to plant essential oils. If you have such a situation, please suspend the use of this product, it is recommended to try other models Ada’s Soap cold soap.

Can natural soap really cure skin diseases?

Natural soap is not a special medicine, but it is a savior of allergic skin!

In fact, these allergic skin can not be cured because of long-term exposure to chemical lotion, but people often accustomed to blaming their skin or physical physique is too sensitive, until the skin condition is serious, can only helplessly seek medical treatment or rubbing skin drugs to solve.
Many people know that cold soap is the savior of allergic skin. In fact, this principle is very simple. If you can try to use natural cleansing products to give the skin a breathing space, so that long-term blocked pores begin to breathe, many skin problems naturally Will slowly improve, any skin problems that are allergic will naturally not cure.