Our Story

ADA'S SOAP is a brand founded in Taiwan

In early 2006, we established ADA'S SOAP factory in eastern Taiwan. In the early days, Ada was a factory that specializes in making soap for customers. We have a wide range of customers, including restaurants, banks, hospitals, department stores, travel agencies, etc.

In 2008, we established our own brand ADA'S SOAP, and set up a specialty store in department stores to sell more than 80 kinds of soaps belonging to our own brands in major department stores in Taiwan.

In 2012, we established the official brand shopping website and started to sell online. So far, ADA'S SOAP has a lot of loyal customers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China...and very high repurchase rate. In Taiwan, it has become an indicator brand for nationals who love soap.

In the 12 years since its establishment, ADA'S SOAP has produced millions of soaps, and has a wealth of manufacturing experience and research and development strength. Every soap we make from our hands represents the best quality. We have full confidence and assurance.

About ADA'S SOAP, with Indonesian Batam

After a long period of research and collection, in 2015, we finally found out the plants that grow in Indonesia and have cosmetic properties on the skin. Based on the 12 years of professional R&D and manufacturing technology of Taiwan ADA'S SOAP bar, we have developed 16 beauty formulas from Indonesia's beauty-enhancing plant extracts and created a golden coconut tree suitable for use in tropical climates. -Beauty Handmade Soap Series"

Therefore, in 2017, the "Indonesia-ADA'S SOAP" was officially established. In addition to the same low-temperature method as Taiwan, and a master with more than 10 years of experience, it is more unique in the production of Taiwanese factories. The handmade soap series uses the "two-way oil-removing method" which is not easy to work, so that each piece of beauty soap is more comfortable after washing and the effect is doubled.

In addition, through professional art design, we put Indonesia's special humanities, religions, ethnicities, local characteristics into the packaging, and integrate Indonesia from beginning to end, giving a small beauty soap to Indonesia. With plenty of vitality. Today, ADA'S SOAP INDONESIA continues the spirit and enthusiasm of ADA'S SOAP TAIWAN for soap, making the most basic cleaning every day simple and natural, naturally not added, making bathing the best life experience.